Who Are We?

International Center for Postgraduate Medical Education (ICPME) of Ithaca, New York, is a medical education company that has provided educational programming for radiology healthcare professionals for over 15 years. The mission of ICPME is to provide relevant, quality continuing education of scientific rigor and integrity that is free from commercial bias; the ultimate goal being improved medical care for patients and communities.

In the past ICPME programming focused primarily on MRI and CT topics, however, as diagnostic and clinical imaging technologies continue to change and grow, the ICPME program scope has expanded into other imaging modalities relevant to the clinical practice of both radiology and referring healthcare professionals.

Some of the educational activity formats offered by ICPME:

  • Hands-on technical training
  • Visiting professorship programs
  • Clinical seminars
  • Live and archived webinar lectures
  • CD self-study programs
  • Self-study monographs
  • Web-based self-study programs